How to Build a grow tunnel

20130528-122129.jpg Here it is. A crowning architectural achievement. Our very first pest tunnel.  You could use it for any crop that is prone to pest damage in your area.  For us, that's tomatoes. 20130528-122228.jpg It's a particularly organic solution to pest-control because you don't need any insecticides or repellents. 20130528-122336.jpg Above is a steamy eggplant, totally blemish-free. Without the pressure to battle pests, she is free to pursue other interests, namely blossoming and fruiting. I harvested many more eggplants from the plants in the tunnel than the ones outside of it. 20130528-122534.jpg Here are green zebra tomatoes--something we had no luck growing out in the savage wild. We may be onto something here!


  • 1-inch diameter PVC, 5 meters long
  • foot-long pieces of rebar
  • old drip-tape or rope
  • grow cloth, at least 2.5 m wide
  • clothespins

Bend your PVC into an arc and mark where the points reach the ground.  Then hammer your rebar into the ground, leaving enough out of the ground to slide the pipe on. Wind your old drip-tape or rope along the sides of the structure to create support for the grow cloth. Drape your grow cloth over it and secure with clothespins or even a quick stitch. Resourceful, affordable, easy, functional!