Sapote syrup and homemade tomato sauce from scratch

What's sapote, you ask? It's a funny green fruit, about the size of a softball. You pick it hard and then let it sit until it holds a dent when you touch it. It looks like dark dark chocolate inside, so at first I thought I should make some sort of raw pie. Then pancakes creeped into my head, and once there, it's nearly impossible to get them out, so I made it into syrup. I just added sugar and boiled for a while. 20130406-040303.jpg It gives a great maple syrup taste, which is great since I don't buy the high fructose corn syrup and the real stuff is understandably expensive here in Mexico. Then I made tomato sauce! 1. Score a cross into the peels. 20130406-040718.jpg 2. Drop into boiling water. 20130406-040801.jpg 3. When you see the peels starting to peel away, remove to a bowl of cold water. 20130406-040922.jpg 4. Meanwhile, chop and mince carrots, celery, and onion, and sautée. 20130406-041051.jpg 5. Peel the skins, and put them in with your sautéing veggies. 20130406-041229.jpg 6. Now just let it cook down. I mashed a bit to get the tomatoes to break up more. Stir. Add a teaspoon of sugar and some pepper. Now comes the tedious part. If anyone has an easier way, I'd love to hear it! 7. Strain the sauce to remove the seeds and fiber. 20130406-041451.jpg 8. Now cook again until its the thickness you like! Oh, and add salt at this stage, too. Yay homemade tomato sauce! We ended up with three full yogurt containers. Not bad. These kind of traditional staples are some of my favorite things to make. It's like magic: voila, so that's how they do it!l