New cabinets and propagating plants make the kitchen a lovely place to be

Yay! We finally got our new cabinets! I don't think I can express in words how fantastic this is. Better to show some pictures. Obviously these are the before shots. 20130731-153932.jpg20130731-153945.jpg Can you imagine how accessible these baskets are for my three babies?!  Can you imagine the terror of three babies having free access to my pantry supplies and dishes!? 20130731-153955.jpg Relaxing, half-done. Not that Carlos installed them. I'm not sure why he chose to rest in this particular place. Perhaps they are so lovely and clean and fresh, so he had to get close. 20130731-154040.jpg And finally: 20130801-172206.jpg20130801-172221.jpg20130801-172247.jpg And some greenery to make it feel more heartful! I love propagating. Not only does it add green to my house, but it also has the feeling of being full of potential: it will be its own plant someday. 20130801-173153.jpg That's thyme. I'm picking out the woodier stems to propagate. I put a drop of honey in the water for antimicrobial action. I also imagine that the glucose feeds the growing plant. 20130801-173252.jpg That's a sweet potato. We will plant the shoots to make more sweet potatoes. 20130801-173328.jpg Rosemary on the left, Thai basil for tea and pretty flowers, and a lovely shrub on the right. It has white and pink flowers that smell good and grows quickly. I'm hoping to plant it in the yard somewhere. 20130801-173452.jpg A pineapple and a paper mâché animal. My sister started the pineapple. It has roots, so I could technically plant it, but it's so nice and clean looking in the water jar. And I saved the animal from the trash while we were cleaning out the building at school. I think it goes with my color scheme.