How to make Probiotic fermented salsa

I just made a super delicious batch of salsa. It's just your ordinary Mexican salsa--tomato, cilantro, onion--with garlic thrown in for good measure. I chopped it all up in a blender and threw in some salt. Oh! And one chile Serrano! It looks green, because they're heirloom green tomatoes, but you can just use red ones. 20130413-032437.jpg The best part is yet to come, because I put it all in a jar and left it to ferment. Yes! I saw the recipe on this amazing website and thought, wow a fermented food that's totally normal and not slightly dated. I mean I love all the pickled cabbage and green beans we've been consuming, but this is something I can serve without a little pep-talk (this is soooo good, try it, plus it's got bacteria that are good for your gut). So today was the big reveal, and yes, it's got an extra flavor tang after fermenting for a few days. And it turns out I still can't help myself and served it with a gut-boosting pep talk. I'm just peppy that way. And who wouldn't be? Did you know that bacteria cells in your body outnumber your own cells 10 to 1? That is mind-blowing, bringing up all sorts of existential questions, like 'Who am I really?' Contained within 'you' is an entire universe of other beings! Whoa! Turns out these beings affect everything, like when you feel sleepy or hungry, just by living their lives and putting off gases that are then absorbed by your body. Makes me think I am Mother Earth to a whole world. That's why I eat sauerkraut, and dilly beans, and kombucha. I've got to keep my citizens happy! 20130413-032307.jpg