Plowing the field, preparing the beds, and planting!

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to in the garden.

About three days after our last big rain, we hired someone to plow the field. His tractor also has an attachment for automatically making raised beds. Pretty cool, and a huge labor saver!

20121009-113135.jpg We laid the drip tape and watered all day Sunday. Sunday afternoon we planted lettuce. We mix the seed with compost, and then just throw the compost on the bed. It's an easy way to broadcast seed, plus you're automatically fertilizing. 20121009-113417.jpg Here's a little lettuce just peeking out of the ground. 20121009-113502.jpg Our tomatoes are past due for getting in the ground! We had to wait for the rain to stop to be able to plow the field. Oh well, nothing in farming or gardening is perfect. Ideally they'd be in their planters between three and four weeks. Right now, they are five weeks old.20121009-113437.jpg Here they are in their new home. 20121009-113450.jpg