No more complaining

20130403-191806.jpg I'm reading a book called A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen. He challenges the reader to go 21 consecutive days without complaining. So far I have four Day 1s. Today would have been Day 2, but I moaned and groaned last night when both of the twins wanted to feed at 2 am, forcing me to sit up and tandem nurse rather than just sleeping on my side while one nurses. Drat! The way you can train yourself to not complain is by moving a hairband from wrist to wrist each time you complain out loud. No need to censor every thought; just the spoken ones! Bowen also stresses that you should keep moving the hairband every time you complain, even if you already messed up that day. This way, you will train yourself faster to stop complaining. I think we can all agree that focusing on the positive is the best way to call more positive into your life. The opposite is also true! I read somewhere that "worrying is like praying for what you don't want". And yet that's what many of us do all day long. This reminds me of another book I read, Mutant Message Down Under, Tenth Anniversary Edition about a white woman who goes to meet Australian Aborigines. I don't know if it's fact or fiction, but it's a powerful story nonetheless. One of the main tenets is that the universe will provide. Each day the group prays for what they want to find that day, and then they begin to wander, listening carefully to the heart beat of the universe to find their way. Inevitably they stumble upon whatever it is they need. When they are thirsty, they listen carefully and are led to water. Oftentimes they stop, stick a reed into the ground, and hit water just below the surface. They drink their fill, and move on. Their lifestyle is completely on the edge--no savings accounts to cushion hard times--and stress-free because they have total faith that they will receive what they need. I think it's time for me to live like that. No more worrying, no more complaining! Who's with me? An update on this challenge is here.

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