Never count your chickens before they hatch

Well by this time in the season, no actually by about three months ago, we should have been harvesting rows and rows of cherry tomatoes, green beans, beets, and carrots. We aren't. I've been avoiding writing this post because it means admitting our shortcomings to the world, damaging my identity as a professional grower. After three years of struggling, I'm ready to be an expert! Isn't it time?? 20130326-075058.jpg Here we are planning in September, and today it looks pretty much the same, except for some hardy dessert weeds that thrive even in low moisture. But I'm making peace with our errors. I have a whole list of excuses: 1. The irrigation canals are publicly owned and operated, and this farm is connected to a tube that doesn't get water very often. We talked to those in charge and have permission to connect to another pipe. It will just take a bit of cash to buy the valve. 2. I was in my third trimester with twins through October, November, and December. I didn't realize until now how much it slowed me down. It was way more exhausting than being pregnant with my first! 3. As of January 11th, I am the mother of 3 kids babies under 15 months old. 4. See number three. 5. Refer to number three. 6. Whiteflies! Basically we have two plots, and we started in the smaller one. We never got momentum in the first one because pests plagued us so much that we had to keep ripping sick crops out and starting again. We've been experimenting with grow cloth and neem spray to great success, so we may be ready to expand! I've also made peace with who we are as farmers. We're not hugely successful or as profitable as we'd like to be. I'm ambitious and I want to be the best at what I'm doing. But I've been remembering why I got into farming: to grow my own food. That's it! I never set out to be a business, and yet I've been judging myself against that goal. I realized as we were making cheese that we are producing a lot of our own food. I've admitted it. We're still learning. We've got a long way to go, but we have to remember to enjoy the journey! 20130326-113447.jpg Tell me about the last time you felt like a failure and how you overcame it.