Mmmm! Lets make yogurt!

Yogurt is so easy to make at home, and if you have your own milk, there's no reason to buy it. If you don't have your own milk, it still might be cheaper to make. Gather materials Crock Container that will fit in the crock Towel Leftover yogurt, at least a half cup Milk to fill the container Oven Preheat your oven to the lowest temperature setting and turn it off when it's about 100. I just guesstimate and it works fine. We want to create a warm environment but not so hot that it kills our cultures. Heat the milk on the stove until its hot, but you can still stand to put your finger in it for three seconds. Put the yogurt in the container and stir the warm milk into it. Wrap the container with the towel and set it into your crock. I put a lid on the container and the crock. Leave it all in the warm oven and let it sit for 8-10 hours. When you come back to check on it, it should be thicker and yogurty but it will likely be rather runny. I put mine in a ketchup bottle and use it as a condiment. I also like to use it in smoothies. If you like thick Greek yogurt, there's one more step. Drain it, like you would cheese to get the extra whey out. Double up your cheese cloth and place it in a colander, and place that in a bowl. Pour your yogurt in there, set a lid on top and leave it all in the fridge for a long time. Check frequently until its the consistency you like. Of course, there's a use for that whey! Have you noticed that cooking with real foods is a lot of work because you can't throw anything away and there ends up being a million side-steps? For example, we raise our own chickens, and every time we kill a batch, we have to make liver pâté and chicken stock. So back to the whey. Squeeze a lime into it and a few spoonfuls of sugar and leave it in a covered jar for a few days. Taste until the microbes have eaten some of the sweetness--until it tastes good to you--and then enjoy whey lemonade!