Little chicken farmer

Leon is pretty much the hardest thing in my life right now. If you haven't had a toddler in your life recently, you have no idea. If you used to have toddlers in your life, you have forgotten how terrible it is. Now I understand the "terrible twos". I used to think it was about tantrums and being stubborn, but in Leon's case, it's all about GETTING INTO EVERYTHING QUICKLY. I need someone (with lots of energy and agility) to just follow him around, making sure he doesn't drink gasoline, spill acid on his feet, or climb 8 foot ladders (yes all of these things happened). On the flip side, our busy little boy is proving to be very industrious. Yesterday morning, I let all the little chicks out of their coop, so I could move it to fresh ground. Then I had to catch them all and put them back in. Leon was watching all this from the bedroom window. His dad opened the bedroom door, and Leon RAN out, straight for the chickens, and began catching them and putting them in the coop. It was amazing to see him understand the two-step process: not only catch them, but also put them where they belong. It was also amazing that his attention never waned. He saw the task through to the end. Yay, go Leon! 20130725-075444.jpg20130725-075456.jpg20130725-075503.jpg20130725-075548.jpg20130725-075557.jpg So then later that day, we went over to the farm. I wanted to feed the hens tomatoes because we had a lot of extras and I showed Leon how to pick tomatoes and put them in a bucket. He got serious about his task right away, filled his bucket, and then laboriously and with focus, brought the bucket over to the hens. I didn't show him how to feed them to the hens; I was busy doing something else, but Leon just knew. Seriously humans are amazing. He's a year and seven months and already earning his keep. This might work out after all.