Kids are good for some things, like planting tomatoes quickly!

We had a couple flats of tomatoes ready to go in the ground and a niece and a nephew hanging around, so we took advantage and put them to work! They're at that perfect age where they still think work is play, especially if they get to do it with the adults. Luckily the beds were already prepared--compost dug-in and mulch on top--so we were able to get straight to planting. Carlos sat down on one end of the bed with the flat and carefully took each seedling out. I went ahead with a shovel, killing stray arugula and digging holes in a zigzag. 20130322-180038.jpg 20130322-180135.jpg 20130322-180220.jpg I love to see them working hard and learning about farming, helping, and finishing a job.  They helped us make a long task a lot quicker!