Irrigating with drip tape

Carlos is out catching up with a ranching friend who lives near where we have a few cows. He wants to make sure our cows are still grazing in the area and is going to ask his friend to corral them next time he sees them. It was getting late, so I decided to take care of his evening chores for him: I fed the goats and the chickens, and checked on the irrigation. I had little 3 month old Peter with me, in the stroller, and Leon, our 14 month old riding on the front step! Now I am alone. The kids are all in bed. Carlos is not back yet. It's dark, quiet, and I'm sitting in peace outside, enjoying the night. No one is crawling on me. No one needs me. And it feels so good! I'm going to take this time to write without interruptions! Ahhh.... We just put in some additional beds here at home, so I've got irrigation on my mind. In this post, I'm going to show you how to install drip tape, for easy watering. 20130427-203750.jpg In this photo you can see a thick black hose connected to a white T. Off the trunk of the T is the drip tape. Also black. The thick black hose is the main artery, and the drip tape goes down the beds. Here's my favorite part. 20130428-103809.jpg We cut off a piece of the drip tape a little over a foot long. Then we cut that into centimeter-wide strips. 20130428-103931.jpg This material is slightly stretchy and perfect for sealing the drip tape to the connector! Stretch it out just a bit to start. 20130428-104046.jpg Now wrap it around, pulling tight on each pass and tie a knot. 20130428-104208.jpg This will create a perfect tight seal that won't leak. Best of all, it's cheap, easy, and takes advantage of a resource you already have on hand, if you're irrigating with drip tape. 20130428-105724.jpgIrrigating with drip tape: a step-by-step guide | diy | drip irrigation | permanent system | garden |