Preparing for homeschooling, Montessori-style: teaching my kids to work in their own space


Now that I've decided I'm going to homeschool, I need to think about how we'll homeschool. I've always been drawn to Montessori. When I was a teacher in a conventional primary school, I incorporated as much Montessori philosophy as I was able to within the constrains of the environment. In a Montessori school, kids work independently. They choose what they want to work on. They get materials out of storage on their own, work, and put the materials back when they're finished. We have a storage cupboard where things are easily accessible to the boys. But we were missing one crucial element: a way to teach the boys not to interrupt each others' work. Enter Montessori! They use mats. Each student rolls out a mat on the floor and does their work on their mat. The mat forms a clear boundary that keeps the working student in their space and other students out of their space. This is huge! They actually worked quietly and independently in their own space. There was no whining because someone grabbed someone else's piece. They were are all able to focus and do deep work. Even the baby! This gives me hope that we'll be able to pull this off. I'm looking forward to gathering materials, creating our environment that's child-accessible, and creating the culture that will allow everyone to work side-by-side without frustration.   Disclaimer: both before AND after this idyllic Montessori-inspired work-time, I had major mom tantrums. It's a work in progress.