Crazy fad dieting: trying the Whole 30

I've never wanted to diet. Ever. Not even as a sensitive female teenager. My worst body issue was acne, and I didn't know that that had anything to do with diet. Instead, I've always been a strong athlete: volleyball and softball in high school, and rugby in college. Sports were fun, and running around makes you feel good about yourself. As a Midwestern-bred farmer, I know that a diet rich in whole, real food is good for us. I've never been scared of whole milk, cream, butter, cheese, bacon, or organic grass-fed meats. Now, breastfeeding twins, I'm literally melting away. They're eating me alive. So, believe me, I'm not doing this crazy diet to lose weight. Instead, I'm doing it to see if I have any food sensitives. Not allergies. I obviously don't have allergies, because I don't choke or pass out or anything obvious. But it turns out that my body is telling me things. Like acne. Acne is a sign of inflammation, a sign that something isn't quite right. Also, the chronic but unidentified upper back and neck pain has always bugged me because: I'm healthy! I do yoga! I should not feel like this! Headaches in the morning, stiff joints: I'm too young to feel old. So I'm following the Whole 30 program. It's thirty days of no grains, no dairy, no beans, no alcohol, and no added sugar. I'm on day 3. What do I eat? Lots of vegetables, eggs, and meat. I snack on fruit and nuts. Results so far? The most obvious is that Peter no longer screams while breastfeeding, or pulls away violently, or spits up tons like before. He is probably sensitive to dairy, even just the little bit that I put in my coffee in the morning. My energy level is more stable throughout the day, and my brain still works past 9 pm, which is a miracle. I am less congested. I seem to wake up easier in the morning, though that could be a mental trick. Anyway, I'm really excited about this because the testimonials are really encouraging! All these people who thought they were healthy are finding out what healthy really feels like! Oh, and worried moms out there, please don't worry that I'm starving myself and the babies' milk will be affected. I always eat when I'm hungry.