Chicken tractor, chicken coop, chicken buffet

20130401-175458.jpg We're lucky down here in Baja California Sur that the weather is almost always really nice. My brother is staying with me, and he commented that "a really beautiful day is when it's cloudy and they are so nice too look at. And then you realize it's the first clouds you've seen in weeks". It's true! It's always blue skies and 75 degrees. Even still, it gets really cold at night, and our chicks need protection. So we browsed the Internet and saw this triangle design. I like it because it takes slightly less material than a square design. You can see it is open on the bottom so that they are fertilizing the ground. And note the cabin at the back end where they keep themselves warm at night. We turn a light bulb on in there for extra warmth. We move it every few days to spread that rich manure out. We are going to turn that parcel of land into a garden soon. 20130401-180155.jpg Here are our big chickens. Once they outgrow the little brooder we send them to the coop. They are snacking on fresh lettuce from the garden! We designed this cool feeding trough so that we don't have to enter the coop everyday to feed them. It is adorable when they are all lined up eating. 20130401-180447.jpg We use a similar design in the goat corral. Here you can see everyone eating from both sides. We cut fresh alfalfa from the garden if they don't get enough free grazing time that day. They are in two different pens because we have to keep the babies from nursing at night so we can milk in the morning.